With our turnkey solution

We'll take care of everything for you !

Offer creation

Podium support you in your strategic decisions with our recommendations on every aspect of creating your offering.


Using our SaaS Re-commerce platform, we create your white-label site and offer tools to manage your growth.



Podium manage your orders directly from our warehouse using integrated logistics specialising in e-commerce.

We enable you to stay focused on your core business while developing other aspects of your business !

And what does this involve ?

  • podium CSR consultant and circular economy consultant

    Strategic support

      designed to keep pace with developments in your sector
      that adapts to your brand DNA
      tailor-made to meet your objectives
      scalable to adapt to your customers' reactions
  • podium CSR consultant and circular economy consultant

    A Saas platform

      designed to create your own white-label website
      designed to monitor your operations in real time
      omnichannel to develop your offer on your E-shop and in-store
      that secures your transactions
  • podium CSR consultant and circular economy consultant

    Re-commerce logistics

      centralised in our warehouses (R-WMS)
      organised to manage customer shipments and returns
      designed to optimise cleaning and reconditioning costs
      that provides after-sales service in your image to answer all your customers' questions

Our Bonus

We combine several models to optimise your profitability

We maximise the product's lifespan to limit waste

We use reusable parcels to reduce waste

We favour green cleaning to reduce our impact

Want to create your circular offer ?

Meet your customers' needs
and optimise your
sustainable growth