With our consultancy services

we can help you create and deploy your circular offers.

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We meet all your circular economy needs

podium CSR consultant and circular economy consultant

Vision and strategy

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Measurement and Evolution

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Transformation and Innovation


Transparency and Communication

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Commitment and awareness-raising

podium rental and second hand offer

Partners and service providers

We're there for you at every stage of your transformation


Don't know where to start ?

Podium works on strategic aspects to define the company's vision and objectives for its circular transition.

    Introducing the fundamental concepts of the circular economy
    Competitive sector analysis
    Define strategic priorities
    Co-construction of a roadmap tailored to the brand's objectives and vision


Would you like to internalize your offer?

Podium offer comprehensive expertise to facilitate the internalization of the brand's circular offer, working in collaboration with its teams.

    Circular concept creation
    Communication strategy
    Deployment strategy and legalization of supply
    Search for financing


Are you thinking of expanding your existing business?

Podium is actively involved in the ongoing expansion of the brand's established offering.

    Analysis of the existing situation
    Exploring new perspectives and innovative opportunities
    Recommendations based on pricing, communication, deployment and customer experience strategies
    Co-construction of a roadmap


Are you planning to consolidate several business models?

Podium supports the brand in developing and consolidating new circular business models to maximize results.

    Identify new opportunities by analyzing industry trends
    Identifying synergies between the various circular services
    Setting up strategic partnerships with complementary circular solutions
    Co-construction of a roadmap
podium rental and second hand offer
podium rental and second hand offer

Do you have a specific need ?

We offer tailor-made consulting
to meet all your circular economy needs.
Contact us to discuss your requirements!

We also come to your companies to give talks and organize circular workshops!

Meet your customers' needs
and optimise your
sustainable growth