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Podium's mission is to support retailers and their customers in the circular economy approach.

podium rental and second hand offer for brand

The circularity ambition

A good circular economy strategy is a package deal.
Rental, second-hand, subscription, upcycling. Let's work together for a more sustainable future. Together, let's change practices and adopt a new mindset to rethink traditional models by working throughout the product life cycle.

Who will take care of my brand ?

A team expert in the circular economy, having launched a rental platform in 2021, and now working for retailers, according to 4 principles :

podium rental and second hand offer

Zero Bla Bla

podium rental and second hand offer

Test and

podium location

Share without Counting

podium location

Total Commitment

The founding team

Behind PODIUM are two women who share a vision of innovative, authentic and sustainable retailing. Driven by deep-seated convictions, they have joined forces to create PODIUM and help brands grow in the circular economy.


Charlotte Guinnebault

Charlotte draws up the company's strategy, steers its implementation and builds sincere relationships with our employees, customers and stakeholders.


Mathilde Artale

Mathilde finds the inspiration to build strategic opportunities. She supports our growth while ensuring financial discipline.

From 2021 to 2023, Podium was a B2C rental site, handling hundreds of orders a week.

Today, Podium focuses exclusively on its BtoB offering, putting its expertise at the service of brands by providing them with tailor-made solutions.

Our strategy, approach and commitment




They trust us!

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